Mission Farm Bakery


Mission Farm Bakery, established by baker Timothy Owings in 1997, is located in an 1840s farmhouse that was moved to Mission Farm Road from its original location on Route 4.

Tim’s current focus is on wholesaling fruit tarts, cookies and other products, so the bakery is not open for retail trade. He does welcome visitors when he is in the bakery, and his products are available in specialty stores and at http://www.monasterygreetings.com. Products available by special order include cookies, pastries, desserts, specialty cakes and breads.

In addition to his delicious baked goods, Tim brings a vision of life lived simply and well and talents used creatively. The profits from Mission Farm Bakery go to support the ministry of Church of Our Saviour and its guest house. For special orders or information on Mission Farm Bakery, contact Tim Owings at (802) 422-4689.

5 thoughts on “Mission Farm Bakery

  1. Tim ! How are you ? I remember you most of time and I miss you so much ! My Wyfe Guo Lin often ask me how is Tim because she know you help me a lot and she say you have big heart , My English not very well so some time I like to talk to you and I always want to know how is your health I pray to the God for your good health strength and happiness ! And I love you


  2. Hey Tim- thought I would reach out and say hello from not so sleepy Warren Village. Yes I’m still here-37 years and counting! Hope all is well. Jack


  3. I was privileged to delight in Tim Owings fine fruit tarts for Christmas of 2017 and must confess, these are by far some of the best pastries I have ever tasted, and I’m a professional baker, and I have had many. On a personal note, I have been fascinated by Tim’s simple, monastic life and operating the Mission Farm Bakery since I first began receiving Monastery Greetings catalogs. I have always yearned for a similar existence. If not too much difficulty, would a representative please pass my message onto Tim so I can get in contact with him. I would greatly appreciate any tips and advice. Sincerely, ~Joseph Freas, Ch.


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